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Los Alamitos Spa Dentistry

You deserve to love the way you look

Attain your beauty goals, simply

In addition to helping our patients achieve the smile of their dreams, we can also help you reach additional beauty goals.

At our Los Alamitos spa dentistry office, we offer several beauty services that will provide healthier, younger-looking skin in as few as just a couple of appointments. The best part? We can add this service to our dental services such as cleanings and exams, providing you with a brighter smile and younger-looking skin in just 1 visit.

At your MedSpa appointment, we can help fix…

  • NLoose skin or stretch marks
  • NHair loss or issues
  • NWrinkly or damaged skin
  • NScars or burns

Our Medspa Services

We are proud to utilize the Scarlet SRF non-surgical treatment tool. This non-invasive treatment allows Dr. Parth to provide you with face, neck, and body tightening services simply and effectively. 

Treatments we provide include:


A HydraFacial with Scarlet SRF combines the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of a HydraFacial treatment with the skin rejuvenating power of Scarlet SRF’s radiofrequency technology, resulting in a revitalizing and deeply nourishing experience for your skin.

Scarlet RF Microneedling

Scarlet RF Microneedling is an innovative treatment that combines the precision of microneedling with the skin rejuvenating effects of radiofrequency energy, stimulating collagen production and promoting skin tightening for a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Scarlet Maintenance

Scarlet Maintenance is a recommended follow-up treatment plan that helps sustain the results achieved with Scarlet SRF, allowing patients to maintain their improved skin tone, texture, and firmness over time.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration with Scarlet SRF harnesses the power of radiofrequency technology to stimulate hair follicles, promote natural hair growth, and address hair loss concerns, providing a non-invasive solution for individuals seeking effective hair restoration treatments.


Botox is a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment that utilizes botulinum toxin to temporarily relax facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and achieving a smoother and more youthful complexion.

Learn more about our hydrofacial, wrinkle-free skin rejuvenation, and hair restoration pricing by clicking here.

To learn more about our Scarlet FR microneedling procedure, click here.

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Medspa appointments at Bespoke Dental Studios

Simple & relaxed complimentary first appointments

It all starts here. We want you to always have a relaxed experience and will do everything we can to ensure that happens. Appointments always begin and end on time, and we offer early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments.

  1. Listen to what you are experiencing and review your health history
  2. Conduct a comprehensive exam 
  3. Present our honest diagnosis and custom-treatment plan to fix any issues you’re experiencing
  4. We’ll answer all of your questions and fill you in on costs, timelines, and what to expect

Meet Dr. Parth, your Los Alamitos spa dentist

  • “I founded Bespoke Dental Studios to offer patients unparalleled dental care and an experience that puts my patients at ease when walking through our doors. We’re excited to now extend that same level of care and service to helping our patients meet their beauty goals with our MedSpa services. I know you are going to be amazed by what’s possible with our treatment!’
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